AutoAcceptSuggestion : Boolean

This property determines whether suggestions are automatically accepted when a cell is exited. Suggestions are hints that are offered by combo boxes as the user is typing. As you type text in a cell that has a combo box, if the text partially matches one of the combo box's items, THyperGrid offers the match as a suggestion - a hint above the cell. If AutoAcceptSuggestion is True, the user does not need to hit Enter to accept it, it is accepted automatically when the cell is exited.


ColumnByName[ Index : string ] : ThgColumn

Returns the column with the given name. Column names are case sensitive. If a column by that name is not found, it returns nil.


Columns : ThgColumns

This is a list of specialized column objects where most of THyperGrid's formatting features are stored. See ThgColumn Properties and Columns for more information.


ColumnsRegistryKey : string

If this property is set to a valid registry key, THyperGrid will store column widths in the given key. When a THyperGrid is created, the column widths are restored from the registry. Note that the column widths are stored by the column's name.


Headings : ThgHeadings

A list of ThgHeading objects that contain formatting information for THyperGrid's headings.


HyperAdjustColWidth : Boolean

If this property is set to True, THyperGrid will automatically adjust the width of all columns, so that all text in the cells is displayed in full. Note that if goColSizing is set in the Options property, automatic column sizing will not be performed - it would be a battle between the user and THyperGrid attempting to size the columns properly.


HyperAdjustRowHeight : Boolean

If set to True, THyperGrid will resize all rows so that all text in the cells is displayed in full. Will not function if goRowSizing is set to True in the Options property - see above.


HyperColumnClick : Boolean

Determines whether clicks on the fixed cells are allowed. If set to True, the user can click on the fixed cells, similar to a list view, and you can catch the click with the OnFixedCellClick event.


HyperOptions : ThgOptions

ThgOption = ( hgoptDrawFocusRectangle , hgoptHighlightSelection );
ThgOptions = set of ThgOption;

These are additional options, similar to TStringGrid's standard options:

hgoptDrawFocusRectangle: If included draws the focus rectangle on the focused cell, as TStringGrid does, otherwise, no focus rectangle is drawn.
hgoptHighlightSelection: If included highlights the selected cell(s), otherwise, selected cell(s) are drawn the same as non-selected.

HyperHighlightColor : TColor

This is the color used to highlight selected cells.


HyperHighlightFontColor : TColor

This is the color used to paint the text in selected cells.


VisibleColumns[ Index : Integer ] : ThgColumn

Allows you to retrieve the column object for the visible grid column specified by Index. See also Grid Columns and Column Objects. The index parameter must be less tha ColCount, or an exception will be raised.


VisibleColumnCount : Integer

Returns the number of visible columns in the grid.