ThgHeading Properties

Caption : string

This is the text displayed in the fixed portion of the cell.


Name : string

The name of the heading or column, can be used with the ColumnByName property.


TitleHAlignment : TAlignment

The horizontal alignment of the caption.


TitleVAlignment : ThgVAlignment

ThgVAlignment = ( hgvaTop , hgvaCenter , hgvaBottom )

The vertical alignment of the caption.


TitleColor : TColor

The background color of the fixed portion of the cell.


TitleFont : TFont

The font used to display the caption.


TitleParentFont : Boolean

If true, the grid's font is used.


TitleClipStyle : ThgClipStyle

ThgClipStyle = ( hgclpClip , hgclpEllipsis , hgclpWrap )

The clipping style used to display the caption when it does not fit in the cell where

hgclpClip cuts the text off
hgclpEllipsis adds and ellipsis when the text does not fit in the cell and
hgcplWrap wraps the text into multiple lines


TitleInnerBevel : TPanelBevel
TitleOuterBevel : TPanelBevel

The bevels of the fixed column, same as TPanel bevels.


TopBorder : ThgBorder
BottomBorder : ThgBorder
LeftBorder : ThgBorder
RightBorder : ThgBorder

The borders of the cell, see OnChangeCellBorders for a description of ThgBorder.