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THyperGrid details and screen shot


The screen shot above shows the property editor for the Columns property, which lets you customize your grid at will. Here is a list of some of its features:

  • Each column can have its own vertical and horizontal alignment, font and color.
  • Columns can be beveled.
  • Each column's text can be either clipped, appended with ellipsis or word wrapped. This allows cells with multiple lines of text.
  • Captions for columns can be set at design time.
  • All of the above properties can also be set for individual cells at run-time with an event handler.
  • Headings can be specified that span multiple columns. Each heading has the same set of properties as a column.
  • Each editable column can contain a dropdown list, a custom button or both.
  • With drop down lists, THyperGrid provides the closest match in a tool tip as you type. Or, you can furnish THyperGrid suggestions with an event handler.
  • Each column's data can be formatted as a currency, date, time or scientific. Additional formats can be specified via an event handler.
  • Columns can be made invisible.


Delphi 2 Unzip the downloaded file and install HgReg.DCU as a new component.

Delphi 3 Unzip the downloaded file and install HyperGrid.DPL as a new package.

Borland C++ Builder 1 Unzip the downloaded file and install HgReg.OBJ as a new component.

Borland C++ Builder 3 Unzip the downloaded file and install HyperGrid.BPL as a new package.