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Marley Modules 1.0 for Windows NT 4.0 313KB


Marley Modules (as pictured on the left) allows you to see all the modules loaded by any process in Windows NT 4.0. This is a "must have" for all developers. For each process, Marley Modules lists all its modules; their name, path, version and last modification date/time. Information can be sorted in ascending or descending order by any column. The Find feature allows you to search for a particular module and obtain a list of all processes using that module. The F5 key refreshes the list of modules or the list of processes and double clicking on a module brings up the find dialog listing all other processes that are using the module in question.


Simply download the zip file, which contains two files: Modules.exe and psapi.dll.

Psapi.dll is a distributable file created by Microsoft which provides the necessary functionality.
Place it somewhere in your path, such as the \WINNT\System32 directory.

Note that PSAPI.DLL needs ImageHlp.DLL, and if the latest version of this file is not available, it will report an error. So far I have been unable to find out where this file comes from.


Marley Modules does not list any 16 bit processes and some system processes, such as the System Idle process.