THyperGrid Readme
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Delphi 2 - Install HgReg.DCU as a new component
Delphi 3 - Install HyperGrid.DPL as a new package
C++ Builder 1 - Install HgReg.OBJ as a new component
C++ Builder 3 - Install HyperGrid.BPL as a new package


THyperGrid is an enhanced string grid.
It has a lot of the most asked-for features not found in TStringGrid.

Among its features are the following:

    Buttons and/or combo boxes in cells.
    With THyperGrid each cell can have an edit, a button, a combo box, or all three.

    Auto-fill of cell text for combo boxes.
    THyperGrid automatically searches the items of a cell's combo box and suggests one.
    It also provides an event that allows you to implement suggestions yourself.

    Multi column headings.
    So you can have a column heading that covers several actual columns.

    Formatting of cells.
    You can specify that cells be formatted as numbers, dates or times (very similar to Excel)
    An event is provided so that you can format each cell as you wish.
    Another event allows you to specify the text to be displayed if a formatting error occurs.

    A single method to transfer the entire grid's contents to an Excel spreadsheet.

    Hide and show columns.

    Insert and delete rows.

    At design time, you can set the following attributes for heading, title and content cells:
        Horizontal alignment: left, center or right
        Vertical alignment: top, center or bottom
        Clip style: clipped ellipsis or wrapped
        Cell color: system color or custom
        Font: all font attributes
        Bevels: inner and outer, similar to TPanel

    You can also specify borders for a range of cells at run-time through and event.

    You can change any attributes for a single cell at run-time through and event.

    You can turn off the highlight for selected cells, or you can give it a different color.
    An option is also provided to change the font color of selected cells.

    Automatic resizing of rows and columns when text does not fit is supported.